5 Skills, A Social Media Manager should have.

Skills of a Social Media Manager

Critical Thinking-

A social media manager should be a creative thinker who should be able to determine, for example, the number of times of day and that of the week posts get the best engagement, whether your followers like videos more than photos. So these are the types of insights that will ensure a content is seen by wide number of an audience as possible. The audience are always attracted towards the creative posts or contents. So it’s the responsibility of the Social Media Manager to think on the behalf of the audience and should use the content according to their interest. There are many tools which are used for social media platforms and now social media managers are expected to be familiar with multiple analytics tools.

Creative Mind-

To stand out in the crowd, you need to have the ability to create a powerful visual brand across all your social channels, and you need to have a posting strategy that includes a variety of creative and fresh content, including images, videos, promotions, and landing pages. The more diverse your content portfolio is, the better chance you have of being a successful social media manager. While writing is a major part of the job, the ability to create visual content is just as important. Eight out of 10 small businesses use social media to drive growth. That means there’s a lot of competition. So a Manager should be creative that much to create a content which can be target to interested audience.

Work on the writing skills-

 A social media manager must know what the audience likes and he must have some great technical skills. Putting those combinations together can create amazing content. Sure, don’t be afraid to use those skills and share what you know! If you want your audience to click on your content, you need to give them a reason. Before posting content you should think about “What the audience like or want?” Why should someone click on this content or even share it? Having a strong social message will tell your reader what to expect and why it’s important.

Being Organised-

Having the ability to stay organised is the skill for social media managers. Without an organised plan, your social media will crumble and fall. The important key point to help you stay ahead of the game is that you should do plan out social media posts which is time-consuming, so keep track of it all with a content on time.

Target with Communication-

The challenge is to understand what content is best suited for Facebook and what’s better for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any number of other channels. Then, you should be able to craft posts that are effective for each specific platform. The purpose of social media is to be a voice for your brand and to communicate with your customers—existing and potential. But it shouldn’t be one generic blanket of information over the entire social media spectrum; the content you share on each platform should be slightly different.


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