3 principles you must know while writing



You might have entered in the social media field because you thought that there would be limited writing. Writing is a very essential part for any content. How to write well you should know properly. There should be some purpose for writing and purpose should be to inspire and to motivate.

Well, it turns out there is a lot of writing to do here. If you want your audience to click on your content, you need to give them a reason. Before posting content think to yourself “What is in it for the audience?” Why should someone click on this content or even share it? Having a strong social message will tell your reader what to expect and why it is important.

Good writing flows smoothly whereas bad writing is opposite of that, finds boring and full of ambiguity. You should have a mindset to think deeply about the words. You should keep it simple, real etc. Aim should be on to convey rather than on to impress. It should catch your interest and should be clear in its expression.

And the important points which should be considered while writing are:-

Points to be considered before writing content.
  1. Simplicity- while writing the important thing is to keep it simple. Avoid using long words where it should be easy to understand for the reader. Always try to make simple sentence, you can merge long sentences into short. Maintaining plain language results into understand it in a simpler way. Avoid giving too much information, the writer should keep in mind about how much information will be interesting for the Reader. Stick to one point at a time, avoid too many sub clauses and be aware of sentences that go on too long.
  2. Clarity- when you are about to write something and you are not clear about the idea at that time, It will create muddy thinking. Bad writing also comes from Fuzzy thinking. Before writing anything you should clear with what you want to convey. A lot of unnecessary words in your content which can creates massiveness in your sentence. Avoid using curly sentences which will force readers to do mental gymnastics. What you have to do is to uncurl the sentences and make it simple and clear to the readers.


  1. Elegance- Often a paragraph represent a block of idea but you have to aware of point about what you are writing. You should try to maintain consistency, for that you should use a short paragraph. Using a longer paragraph doesn’t make it interesting. After all neat paragraph reflects your clear thinking. You should know where to use capital letter and where to use the heading and sub-headings. Apart from that you should know where to use Italic Bold, single quoted and double quoted words in your sentence. So in short, you must know how to write and which style you should use.


Good writing serves the reader, not the writer. It isn’t indulgent. After all words matters, your words should be that much strong to convey some message to the readers. You should know what your audience likes and show that you have some great technical skills. Put those combinations together and you can create amazing content.


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